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Linux is a free operating system (OS) for PC's, developed in the early 1990's by Linus Torvalds. Others have refined and added to it, incorporating most applications and features found in standard UNIX systems.

Users are not limited to a rigid interaction with the OS. Linux has a highly-effective set of tools, so you can configure and program the system to meet your own needs.

Linux has all the Internet utilities, and a full set of program development utilities. Despite this, it remains small, stable and fast.

A massive amount of software is available at online sites, and some popular applications are now available in Linux versions.

Dream time : another name for alcheringa : "(In the mythology of Australian Aboriginal peoples) a mythological Golden Age of the past, also called alchera, dreamtime. [From a native Australian language : literally dream-time.]"

Mark's Homepage

My various pages, to let me play with HTML features, before learning JavaScript, etc.

Links to Sport, Investment News, General Magic, Hi-Tech 'Zines, Search Engines, Tv.

The 6 subjects were not chosen with any particular message in mind, just to let me fill the 3x2 table on my homepage. You may notice some overlap in the coverage.

The only graphics are 2 small gifs on the Tv page; however, I have used tables, and the option of frames (for navigation and e-mail).

Feedback would be useful, esp. if there's something which you don't like or which doesn't work, and suggestions.


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