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dou+ble en+ten+dre : n. 1. a word, phrase, etc., that can be interpreted in two ways, esp. one having one meaning that is indelicate. 2. the type of humour that depends upon this type of ambiguity. [C17: from obsolete French: double meaning]

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An introduction to Carry On and Carry On-line don't seem to be available any more, so try Rhino's Carry On Laughing Page instead.

Some more text, to see how much I am able to write on one page. So far, so good, but what happens when I go onto the next line? Still OK; but this is the limit.

....but not too quickly

In a different vein are The Alternative Dictionaries - more than 3,000 slang expressions in more than 70 languages. Add your own.


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