At the moment this site is mainly for my benefit. This may change; it depends if I've got anything better to do. See ya.

Football news/ rumours for Arsenal and Ajax. Any believable overlap is unlikely, but I can still hope.

US sports sites, etc.

Up-to-date market news and discussions. Mainly US- flavoured, 'cos that's where the quality info is.

(Bias towards tech stocks. Includes quotes.)

GMGC is a developer of PDA software and intelligent agents. These are some of the best sites (IMHO); you can also try "Investment News".

See the "digital age" from differing perspectives.

("Red Herring", "Suck" and "HotWired" ...etc.)

Occasionally useful; often frustrating. At least you see some different sites.

(Search engines for WWW, Usenet, e-mail.)

A few links for "Friends" and "My So-Called Life" ...two of my favourite series from recent years.

Also Duckman and a few "humour" links.

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