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"Skiers view snowboarders as a menace; snowboarders view skiers as Elmer Fudd"
- Dave Barry

"While skiing has been on the decline over the last decade, snowboarding has consistently been the fastest growing winter sport in the world."

"...resorts which were at first anti-boarding are now ...actively encouraging snowboarding.... Ski manufacturers too ...are now reluctantly jumping on the bandwagon."

" just do whatever you want to do. can be laying out your whole body touching the snow you're floating through the off-piste powder making huge 'airs'...."

"All I know is I will never ski again and I don't know anyone ...that will. It's not that we've all gone anti-skiing ...but the enjoyment you get from boarding simply blows skiing away."

["Freedom Snowboarding" catalogues]

Manufacturers - Burton and Sims; links at SportSite. Links page at Yahoo!.

"Global snow and surf reports" at Geezer; save money with Cheap Flights (UK).

Newsgroup and FAQ. 'Zines - Heckler and Heckler; links at SnowboardZ.

"It's just indescribable. It's like talking sight to a blind person" - Craig Kelly

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