Hi-Tech 'Zines

These are popping up all over the place - not really surprising when you consider the medium. The quality varies widely, but content's a personal thing; so if I think a big corporate site spouts rubbish, you may have a totally different opinion. Life would be pretty boring otherwise.

Seidman's Online Insider is a "weekly summary of events in the consumer online services industry". It focuses mainly on the service providers (AOL, Compuserve, etc), which I don't find all that interesting. However, near the bottom is "NewsWorthy Notes" ...and often a couple of useful links.

Upside is "the business magazine for the technology elite", though the site now includes a lot more than an electronic archive of the paper-based magazine. Includes its own engine to search archived material.

Red Herring is "the premier provider of business information for the technology and entertainment industries". It, too, has a lot more to offer than archived back issues.

Back issues of Wired magazine, the "magazine of the digital revolution" [whatever that means] ...(not just an Internet magazine). HotWired is an Internet "Community", somewhat in the manner of AOL et al.

Suck ..."an experiment in provocation, mordant destructionism, and buzz-saw journalism"."You wanted feedback? Cover your ears and watch your back ... it wants you too". For more information, read About Us. Now owned by Wired; good article in Nov. 1996 issue.

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